Monday, December 9, 2013

Sea port of Mogadishu & Employment in Somalia

As the present situation in Somalia has improved a lot than during the civil war, foreign investors are getting interested to invest here for business. Local people are also making the best use of the opportunities that they are getting to become a prosperous nation.
The sea port of Mogadishu is the biggest employer in this country. Here the prehistoric cranes are lifting cement and oil drums. The 4,000 or so stevedores are being paid in cash and employed along clan lines. The government is still receiving $1m revenue under this condition whereas it is to be collected around $6m in each month. Here stack of pasta, rice, sugar, flour and cooking oil are stocked at dhows. The most imported good here in this country is the qat which is a stimulating leaf chewerd by the Somali people. This is being transported here by small aero planes from Ethiopia and Kenya. The good get a very handsome price as soon as it reaches to the market first by the madcap driven from the airstrip to the city.
Manufacturing goods locally in Mogadishu has become friendlier than earlier. Now the world famous Coca-cola is being manufactured locally, beside this here are bottling plants for water, tanneries, garages, cannery etc. The fishery is also very much potential, especially from the time when pirates have scared off illegal tuna boats.
So now here is time when the foreign investors can look forward to invest here in Somalia. As the construction of the destroyed country is going on at its full speed. So, we are looking forward for their contribution in rebuilding the economy of Somalia.
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