Thursday, December 12, 2013

Most safest place to Teach English in Africa

Now the question comes who will teach English to the Somali people. There are very less number of Somali people who all know how to teach English. For this reason government of Somalia has take a decision to invite foreign teachers in their country and will pay them very high salary along with many other facilities to teach them English. Numbers of applications are getting deposit online everyday. And everyday people are getting interviewed for their job and getting the job here. 
Now many of you should be concern about the safety and security of yours in Somalia. Rest easy if you are a foreigner they you do not have to worry much about your security. The safety of the foreigners is taken special care here. Moreover those who all are not from this country they are being given special care. Hargeisa is one of the most safest place here in Somalia.
Language is the most significant and successful tool to communicate with others. Without speaking words men cannot communicate with each other. Without any language, men will be unable to integrate and associate the things they see in words, and that they will be unable to describe their feelings and define, construct and translate their thoughts to a communicative form. Somalia has got its own language which is not understood by the international investors in Somalia. To make them understood and communicate with them the important of learning English is of imperative importance. The economy and workforce of any country greatly depends upon its skill to communicate with others. One is by improving its academic system at home by integrating English Education system into the school curriculum and the other is by sending thousands of scholars abroad. As Somalia is not capable of adopting the second option so they are following the first option by employing international teachers to teach English in Somalia.
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