Tuesday, December 10, 2013

English Teaching Job in Somalia

A new arena of teaching English in Somalia is opening for the interested people. Once upon a time Somalia was a land of destruction due to its internal war. But now the scenario has changed. Now the Somalia’s people are dreaming to rebuild their country. Still this country is dependent on international aids but still they have realized that without learning English they cannot develop or project their country’s potentials to the international community to attract them for coming into their country and invest there. This way the economy of the country will rise. 
Before few years there was no existence of any education system in Somalia as the internal war was going on. But the recent parliament election has made a constitutional government to be formed. The new government is very much concern about the education of the nation. They have already realized that if they need to communicate with the international communities then they have to be educated. Merely getting educated will not suffice. They need to learn English to communicate with others. This thought has given the birth of the requirement of English teaching in Somalia.

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