Sunday, December 8, 2013

Business opportunities in Somalia

Somalia’s present situation is coming up with lots of grooming scope as far as the business is concerned. The seaport of Mogadishu which was non operative few years back is getting big ships and small boats coming here from around the world with goods trice a week. These ships and boats are mainly bringing charcoal, fruits, sheep, goats etc. Farmers from Uganda are mainly exporting these animals here in Somalia through those small boats. Big ships are bringing brand new as well as recondition cars, fuel tanks, water tanks, cereals, timber, cloths, shark meats etc. Electronic gadgets like TV, Refrigerator, Oven, Cell Phones etc are very cheap here is Somalia as there is no provision of TAX in this country. 
Most of the goods in this country are imported through the land port at Bakara which is 5 miles away from Mogadishu. It is basically the business center of Mogadishu which is situated in well constructed buildings. Most of the trades are here being conducted in Somali Shillings. It is to be remembered that Somalia does have any central bank. There are nine mobile-phone operators in Mogadishu offering cheap calls. Most of the telecommunication companies are based in Bakara as well. The internet connectivity is one of the fastest connections in the world. At the outskirt of Bakara there are small businessmen as well. There are many home based bakeries and confectionaries, mineral water plants etc. 

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