Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Somalia's most Beautiful Women and Handsome girls

If beauty is something that can be measured then many Somalis women would be rated as the most beautiful women in the planet.  This country boasts to be the mother of some of the most beautiful women in the whole continent of Africa. Although, it is said beauty is in the eyes of beholder there is no doubt that no one can dispute the beauty of ladies of this country. Exposure of these women to the world has made some of them to be a household name as they are featured in top magazines as well as in beauty products for women.
It is a fact many of the beauty products that bear women faces comprise of ladies who are either from Somalia or they have root origin from this country. Even some of the models who have represented Somalia in international platform have found themselves in lucrative deals even if they did not make into the top of such competition.  One of the best examples of such model is Iman who featured in an international model contest. Her beauty left many people with question without answers on how on earth such a beauty could come from a war tone area such as Somalia.
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