Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Somalia Airlines Business and Jubba Airways

There are several hitches that Somalia has undergone in the last twenty years one being lawlessness and invasion of militia that destabilized the country in a bad way. However, after formation of the legitimate government that was elected by people things have actually changed and just like any other country people of this nation are working hard to ensure that it regain its lost glory. One area that you may be amazed to see how first is growing is the aviation industry where Somalia airline business has seen considerable development just a few months after Somalia regained its stability.
There have been so many airlines operators which have already set their business in the country despite the insecurity incidences that have hit this country before. There are many more companies that are also eager to launch their services in this country making the country to experience a boom in this sector. Some of the airlines that are making their route to Mogadishu include air Uganda which has helped many people travelling from the South African countries to find a connection route to this country. 
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