Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Most safe international airlines, Jubba Airways

The home airline of this country is called Jubba Airways that offer flights to different parts of the country.  There are also other small airlines that have also started offering flights into this country and one of them is the Kenya based airline company Fly540 which offer daily flights from different countries to this country. There are other international airlines that offer their flights to this country. Visitors from Europe and Middle East countries could use turkey airline which has flights to Somalia.
There are speculations that even more carriers from Middle East could set their feet in this country soon to take advantage to the strategic position of this country. There are various conditions that an airline company should fulfill before being awarded with a permit to operate in Somalia. They have to ensure that they take care of the security risk that could hamper with the stability that has coasted this country. The demand for air transport is high as many passengers prefer this mode of traveling due to convenience as well as bad road network which is still to be rehabilitated.
Presence of international nongovernmental organization which is helping the government to fight poverty and insecurity is also another force that is causing the demand of the air transport to be high. Those already in business of air transport are ripping huge profit and that’s why other airlines are eyeing this young market. There is one big airport that serves international flights to Somalia and it is known as Mogadishu international airport. This airport was once a busy airport but when civil unrest started it was destroyed and left in a bad state. However, there has been an effort by the new regime to reconstruct the airport again so that many more investor could come in to assist the already under used market.

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