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Landing and takeoff in Mogadishu’s International Airport

Flying is the preferred mode of transportation because of the country’s lack of infrastructure and stability. Only 2,000 kilometers of the more than 22,000 kilometers of roads are paved. Traveling by land is dangerous, not only because of the bad roads, but also because of highway robbery. Militias and bandits flagging travelers often interrupt traffic along the rugged roads. Flying is the best, the fastest and the safest option.

Airfare is unusually high. The operating costs of airlines servicing these routes are very high compared to similar sized aircraft operating in Europe. . It is because of the lack of infrastructure. Landing and takeoff on Mogadishu’s single-lane Aden Abdulle International Airport can be a terrifying experience. Flights are a little bit rougher compared to similar flight in other countries.  Russians or Ukrainians who are familiar with the outdated controls of old Russian planes mostly pilot domestic flights. Airlines are obliged to pay additional pay as an incentive to pilots and crews who are wary of flying in Somalia. They call the additional payment “combat pay.”

A typical domestic flight in Somalia has more passengers than available seats. Passengers who are not able to grab a seat stand on the aisle throughout the flight even if they have paid for a seat. Most of the seats are defective, and have no seat belts. Passengers have to hold on to the seat in front of them during landing and takeoff. Passengers hold their bags on their lap since there is no cabin for baggage.

Certainly, the entrepreneurial spirit of Jubba Airways and other air carriers, taking the risks to provide air transport, is commendable. There is hope that, with time, basic ground infrastructure will improve as those in the skies.

Mogadishu’s Aden Abdulle International Airport

Airline carriers operating in Somalia, despite poor roads and unsafe seas, are continuously adding flight routes, domestic and international, to meet rising air travel demand. The country’s airline industry is growing. The unofficial carrier of Somalia, Jubba Airways, is adding more leased Soviet Antonov propeller planes and old Boeing jets to its fleet. These Russian planes are very tough and can withstand the rough Somali airports. Because of the boom in air travel, Mogadishu’s Aden Abdulle International Airport, which was unusable prior to 2010, is expanding. It is now accommodating 35 flights a day.
For the past 20 years, the situation was chaotic. Fifteen commercial carriers, many of them owned by Somalis, tried to revive the defunct airline market. Some of them lasted only for a few years. Others, like the African Express Airways, are still operating in the region.
Security measures in Mogadishu’s Aden Abdulle International Airport are very tight. More than 15,000 troops are protecting it, and passengers have to pass several security checks before boarding a plane. These security measures have encouraged several carriers to expand their network and fleet. Airlines of neighbor countries such as African Express, Fly540, and Air Uganda have a daily flight schedule. In addition, International carriers such as Turkish Airways have launched their routes.    

Most safe international airlines, Jubba Airways

The home airline of this country is called Jubba Airways that offer flights to different parts of the country.  There are also other small airlines that have also started offering flights into this country and one of them is the Kenya based airline company Fly540 which offer daily flights from different countries to this country. There are other international airlines that offer their flights to this country. Visitors from Europe and Middle East countries could use turkey airline which has flights to Somalia.
There are speculations that even more carriers from Middle East could set their feet in this country soon to take advantage to the strategic position of this country. There are various conditions that an airline company should fulfill before being awarded with a permit to operate in Somalia. They have to ensure that they take care of the security risk that could hamper with the stability that has coasted this country. The demand for air transport is high as many passengers prefer this mode of traveling due to convenience as well as bad road network which is still to be rehabilitated.
Presence of international nongovernmental organization which is helping the government to fight poverty and insecurity is also another force that is causing the demand of the air transport to be high. Those already in business of air transport are ripping huge profit and that’s why other airlines are eyeing this young market. There is one big airport that serves international flights to Somalia and it is known as Mogadishu international airport. This airport was once a busy airport but when civil unrest started it was destroyed and left in a bad state. However, there has been an effort by the new regime to reconstruct the airport again so that many more investor could come in to assist the already under used market.

Somalia Airlines Business and Jubba Airways

There are several hitches that Somalia has undergone in the last twenty years one being lawlessness and invasion of militia that destabilized the country in a bad way. However, after formation of the legitimate government that was elected by people things have actually changed and just like any other country people of this nation are working hard to ensure that it regain its lost glory. One area that you may be amazed to see how first is growing is the aviation industry where Somalia airline business has seen considerable development just a few months after Somalia regained its stability.
There have been so many airlines operators which have already set their business in the country despite the insecurity incidences that have hit this country before. There are many more companies that are also eager to launch their services in this country making the country to experience a boom in this sector. Some of the airlines that are making their route to Mogadishu include air Uganda which has helped many people travelling from the South African countries to find a connection route to this country. 

Most beautiful Somalia daughters and Somalis girls

She was even awarded contract to act in western movies where she was able to earn a good amount of money due to her looks. She is not the only lady from Somalia who has attracted attention of many people as there are other Somalia daughters who have contributed a lot to the world. The UN ambassador Weris Dirie is a good example how a beauty from Somalia could find a high status due to her exemplary looks. She helped in the fight of FGM commonly known as female genital mutilation. Many women from Somalia have contributed a lot to the world and also to the people of Somalia.
Many of these women have either undergone hardship brought by security instability in their country. Due to war many people were forced to migrate to other safe areas and many ended up in foreign countries. This helped women of Somalia origin to learn a lot and therefore opened up their minds. It’s not common today in Somalia to find cousins getting married to each other and this has been left to those people who are not civilized. It’s not only beauty that makes Somalis girls to be special, but they have also excelled in other fields as well.
Many of women who have had education opportunities have become professionals who are now helping in rebuilding the new Somalia. Although there are many challenges that handsome Somalis girls are going through there is no doubt that this is one place where you can for sure say that natural beauties exist. Therefore if you would like to see beautiful girls for yourself then you can visit Somalia and who knows you may find yourself a partner from Somalia.

Somalia's most Beautiful Women and Handsome girls

If beauty is something that can be measured then many Somalis women would be rated as the most beautiful women in the planet.  This country boasts to be the mother of some of the most beautiful women in the whole continent of Africa. Although, it is said beauty is in the eyes of beholder there is no doubt that no one can dispute the beauty of ladies of this country. Exposure of these women to the world has made some of them to be a household name as they are featured in top magazines as well as in beauty products for women.
It is a fact many of the beauty products that bear women faces comprise of ladies who are either from Somalia or they have root origin from this country. Even some of the models who have represented Somalia in international platform have found themselves in lucrative deals even if they did not make into the top of such competition.  One of the best examples of such model is Iman who featured in an international model contest. Her beauty left many people with question without answers on how on earth such a beauty could come from a war tone area such as Somalia.
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