Monday, September 16, 2013

Wealth of Somalian culture and tradition

Somalia is a country with a wealth of culture and tradition and the people of this country love it as well. Music and dances of the Somali people is mainly based on their traditions and media has been used to popularize groups and people doing such music. In almost every region in Somalia has its own radio station so that it can play and empower its people. Puntland for instance has more than twelve radio stations which all try to spread the traditional music of people from this region. One interesting fact about these radio stations is that they are all run in Somali language and therefore it is easier to reach to almost any person in the region can understand what is going on each station.
There are also international TV stations that are available in the country and people from other parts of the world can enjoy themselves. Media has tried to mould the culture and advocated for those things that are useful and can bring the people together. For instance, music and dances can be used to bring communities of different clans together and this way deal with the issue of insecurity once and for all. With mass media tools people have learned to appreciate each other and culture of their counterpart and this is why we have seen cohesion among the people of Somali.
Rural communities have benefited through introduction of radio station speaking in their vernaculars and also which help them to listen to music of Somali origin that speak of positive change. Therefore without media music and dances in Somalia could not be widely spread to regions where people had forgotten their traditions.
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