Monday, September 16, 2013

Somalia traditional dance and music

Just like other African countries Somalia is not an exception as it has a rich culture and tradition that people of this region still follow up to date. Although people were forbidden to participate in traditional dances of Somalia by an Islamic militia Al Shabaab now people are on to it yet again. With government in place and people allowed to exercise their democratic rights Mogadishu and other major towns in the country are experiencing huge crowd of people doing their traditional dances including government officials. Dhaanto is one of the traditional dances that you can find many people in Somalia practicing and doing it.
Many people who ever try to listen and watch Somalia folk music and dances can attest to how interesting it can be to see. Although there have been a lot of people who fled this country to seek asylum in other countries you can still see that many people are still rooted to their tradition and culture despite the foreign influence on those who left their country. In fact many people, who are returning back to the country so that they can participate in rebuilding the country, are doing even good thing to incorporate their tradition in modern music and dances.
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