Monday, September 16, 2013

Somalia night life and night clubs

Whenever you hear about Somalia the first thing that may hit your mind is poverty and insecurity that this country has always been associated with. However, there are many good things that go on in this country that never catches the eyes of media so that they can report on. Every place in world has its own interesting things that you can find and therefore those who may never have stepped in this country may be having bad perception of Somalia. The end of era of militia who dominated major parts of the country has come with many benefits for its citizen and among these things includes freedom of movement.
While Somalia was still under the control of Al Shabaab many people were afraid of moving from one area to another and there was a curfew that was set to people on evenings. All this is now gone and Mogadishu is once again a vibrant city where people are free to have their treats whenever they feel like including late in the nights. Although many people are still afraid to move at night slowly they are begging to find it comfortable to enjoy themselves including at nights. There is good lighting which has been placed alongside road and you can be excited to see how the city of Mogadishu is full of life at night.
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