Monday, September 16, 2013

Somalia honeymoon resorts and destinations

When you think of a destination where to go for your honeymoon then Somalia is one of the best places that you can wish to visit. You can enjoy your stay at this wonderful country while on the same time make a huge saving which you can’t get anywhere else. There are many resort s and destination that are found in this region. Since the Alshabaab militia was defeated by African union there has been a stability which has led to massive investment in hotel industry. The strategic position of Somalia is the capstone that makes it a perfect place where new weds should go to enjoy their honeymoon. 
There are several resorts destination that you may find interesting in Somalia and they meet high quality standard that you may love to stay in. This is one time event and therefore it is good to make sure that you spend it in the best way possible. Many times you may have difficulty where to go and where not but the ultimate point is to make sure that you spend your honeymoon in the best place you can. Some of the honeymoon resort destination in Somalia include Mansoor hotel which is located in Hargeisa. This is a high class hotel that you will be excited to spend your time in with your loved one. It has a parking lot for those who may have their own vehicle and it is constructed in the modern design.
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