Saturday, September 28, 2013

Somali National Television & Somali media

The Ministry of Information, Posts and Telecommunication also organized a consultative meeting in March. The meeting attended by more than w 30 Somali media organizations, international media law experts, publishers and NGOs made a number of recommendations for the drafting of inclusive media legislation consistent with the best international practices. This go forward journey in the history of Somali media started with the unanimous approval of the National Communications Act by the Somali cabinet in March last year. The Act was expected to create an environment conducive to investment and further infrastructural development.
A new Provisional Constitution adopted in August last year included a number of statutes pertaining to media profession. The most relevant statute with specific relevance to media was Article 18 pertained to freedom of expression and opinions for media workers and the freedom of the media, be it electronic or online. The right to freely express their artistic creativity, knowledge, and information gathered through research was also guaranteed to every Somali.
Today Somalia has one official government-run television station as well as a number of private networks. Twenty-four-hour Somali National Television is state while Somaliland National TV is operated by the local government. There are also many private TV stations such as Eastern Television Network and Somali Broadcasting Corporation. A couple of private channels re-broadcast Al-Jazeera and CNN.
Somalia is in transition and so is its media: Both helping each other to reshape the minds and thoughts of the Somalis.
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