Monday, September 16, 2013

Somali music & vigorous dancing & traditional wedding song

Media has also played a large role in ensuring that the Somali tradition is not forgotten as they try to use local content to advocate for the Somali culture to be maintained. One of the instruments that is used by the Somali people while conducting their music and dances is Oud which is like a form of modern guitar but is made in a traditional way. The dances that are conducted in Somalia dances include use of body movements making the whole dance to be interesting. When dancing to the tunes of these traditional dances then you have to twist your hips while ensuring that you retain arm movements.
Also, you will notice that most of the Somali music will involve a lot of clapping and jumping and once you will be through in dancing you will find yourself exhausted. You will also find that Somali dances involve a lot of foot work that are done in a rhythmic way. Most of the dances that you will see involve vigorous dancing and they are by both men and women. In Dhaanto for instance which is one of the popular dances in the country males’ dance in opposite site to their female counterparts and you can also see other taking their partners while dancing.
There are, however dances which are done by males or females only and therefore they are strictly based on a particular gender. Gaaleeyso is one of the dances that you will find males doing it only, another example of such a dance is Diisow which is only done by men. Women also find themselves a similar dance which men cannot take part in and a good example is traditional wedding song which is done by women is Niiko. This dance involves slow movements of the body and to be precisely buttocks and hips and another example of women dances is Boondheere.

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