Monday, September 16, 2013

Somali media, Somali Music and Somali Dance

Media plays a pivotal role in raising social and economical concern that a country may be undergoing and this is why it is always good to have this industry in every society. Without media culture and tradition could not be preserved. Somalia as country has gone through rough time before and many will not have risked investing in media industry as it is an expensive venture. However the ousted militia had control of the country and was able to run its own radio where it could use to communicate to people.
However once it was dealt with by the African union Somali has now seen increase of media outlets that are helping in promoting the culture and tradition of people from this country. Music and dances for instance have found their way into the entertainment industry and all this is thanks to the local media which has been doing great to achieve great things for the people. There are various reasons why a country should have a mass media tool so that it can communicate to its citizens well as keep them informed. There are many radio station and TV station which are now operational in Mogadishu. The internet is another avenue that is being as media tool. 
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