Monday, September 16, 2013

Most popular hotels in Mogadishu

The dilapidation of buildings that were brought by war is less visible making it look like another place. There is no doubt if you can view Mogadishu at night you will realize that this is one of those cities that does not sleep you will find people enjoying themselves at entertainment joints, while others taking advantage of the cool climate to go and treat heir friends in popular hotels in Mogadishu. There are some people who also like to watch premier league series of football in restaurant with facility to show such matches simply making the city night life to be exciting.
There are also popular night clubs where those people who like music and dancing can go to and enjoy themselves although this was only started as the Islamic militia which had enforced Islamic law was suppressed by Kenyan defense forces. The main people who find night clubs interesting are foreigners and tourist in the city since most of them are sued to such entertainment and therefore making their stay in the country interesting. You should however note that nightclubs are not common in the city and the few ones which are available are run by local boys from Mogadishu as many investors are yet free to start fully equipped clubs. 
The common songs that you will probably find being played are Somalia songs as well as a little international music depending on the mood of the people comprising the crowd. Therefore those who doubted that things could go back to normal as it was twenty years ago then they should come to Mogadishu and see for themselves how things have changed.

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