Monday, September 16, 2013

How to get Somalia business visa

Anyone who is considering moving to Somalia to set up a business need to know several things on how to get legal documents while in the country? Before going ahead to do anything in Somalia you have to clear with authorizes so that you can proceed to establish what you want. You have to ensure that the government knows your existence in the country and this is done through issuance of a visa. There are different categories of visas that you can ask for while in Somalia and they are as follow. There are visa which are given to visitors who would like to tour the country and they are expected not to conduct any business while on their visit.
They are offered tourist visas and are offered for those who will stay for a short in the country. In case you are found engaging anything which is business in nature with such a visa then you may find yourself in the bad side of law. The other category of visa is the transit visa which is offered to people who are passing through the country heading to another country. This include those who are using the port of Somalia and they are valid only for a period of three days or even less depending with the nature of transport and luggage as well.
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