Monday, September 30, 2013

Five star hotels in capital of Somalia Mogadishu

This does not however mean that you cannot find luxury and comfort in other hotels that are found in this country but level of comfort is what matters. When you are busy and you won’t be able to enjoy the luxury offered by five start hotels then it can be a good idea that you choose a less expensive hotel and more so a three star hotel. On the other hand those on their vacation in Somalia or honeymoon then five star resorts can be the best choice as they have all the time that the need to enjoy exclusive services offered in such hotels. Some o the services that you will be offered in five star hotels include internet services as well as swimming pool in the premises of the hotel.
Gymnasium can also be found in these hotels as well as other room services that are not offered in three star hotels. In Somalia you will find good five star hotels in such as ambassador hotel which is the best in the country. Here security is high and excellent services that you may like; they include satellite TV, Wi-Fi as well as fridges in the rooms. Another nice hotel that you can eat and find accommodation while in Somalia is Barwaaqo hotel which is one in the best in the whole region of Hargeisa.
It has excellent services which include internet services and sightseeing venues and the best thing is that it offers airport shuttles for its customers who would like to be picked at the airport. Other hotels that are found in the country and offer quality services to their customers include Fanole rice farm, Oriental Hotel and the budget. There are also major small hotels that can be found in the capital of Somalia Mogadishu and therefore you should not worry of accommodation and where to eat while in Somalia.
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