Thursday, September 19, 2013

Explore the beauty of the Somali girls

Here is needed to explore the beauty of the Somali girls. Their shining hair which some curl have also very attractive for other person. Mostly women in Somalia are geek and old fashionable they have no sense about vogue and fashion, because in Somalia mostly Muslim community exist. Muslim girls are very stickler and avoid to fashion and trend. In this way, here mostly women wear veil and cover their head with scarf and cloth. Some area of the Somalia found beauty. Beauty overall not depend on the natural physic, its depends also on your clothing. Loose and beige cloth is not more attractive, instead of tight and skin fit cloth. Too tight cloth also cause of ugliness between the women, it should be reasonable. Some area of the Somalia found more beauty; here the girls with big eyes and curling hair are world wise like. Specially, in Dubai, UK, and many others countries are more demand of Somali girls. Because they inspire from the beauty of the Somali girls.

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