Saturday, September 28, 2013

Economy and education system in Somalia

Natural disaster has also affected the economy and education in Somalia. Some heavy torrential and Tsunami affect the nation of Somalia. With lack of resource, people force to choose the illegal way to earn money. As well as, education system were also effects by these famines. People had no food to feed their children, so education was far away from them. International NGO’s were also helped the Somali nation through funds and aids. Now, some international education firms trying to rebuild the education standard in Somalia through different channels. Universities and colleges taking a part to educate the people in Somalia. There is lack of professional guidance and material scarcity in Somalia. With increasing trend of education, worldwide Somali people have also adopted this way to compete the international competition. Politics interventions in education have changed the situation of the country.
Mogadishu is the capital of the Somalia. In the past, dictators have also ruled out on the country. Their effect still now feel. In Mogadishu standard of education is better than other cities of the Somalia. Furthermore, some civilians also affect the economy and education system in Somalia. They also damage the increasing rate of literate in Somalia. People were scary because of civilians. Life safety was big issue of these people.
In 1991 Siad Barre trying to establish the democracy in Somalia, but he failed to rule out in this country. His government fails to stable the country situation. Since now, Somali government is being recovering to boost up the education in Somalia. Somalia until now consider unsecure place for investors, tourist, and any other people who wants to come here.
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