Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Business ideas and Opportunities for somalian Students

Somalia has a single language and religion with 500 divided clans which are all notoriously competitive. The people of Somalia, or the Somalis has a nomadic way of life, and hardly cannot accept of having a central government. Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia had a military dictator who was ousted in 1991.
 Today, the country's latest president, President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud is promising a democratic policies which is largely based on federalism and decentralized power. Somalia is facing new challenges with new leaders in Mogadishi, the country's capital. After twenty years of war damage on the country's infrastructure, the local private business sectors had discovered a special technique in providing electricity locally through a second hand generators bought in Dubai. But the diesel generators provide electricity out of the reach of the poor people. It is estimated that a kilowatt of electricity costs $1.35 which can be considered as the most expensive in the world.
A pilot project has been established by a Norwegian charity group to install a 50 solar powered street lights in the capital. A Somali entrepreneur is starting his work with an American trained chemist in producing bio-diesel from animal fat. The Somalis have great abundance in cattle herding. With proper mixture of animal fats, used oils and chemicals, the generators could run a power of forty cents a litre of bio-diesel compared to $1.20 per litre of imported fuel.
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