Saturday, September 28, 2013

Adult Education in Somalia

Now, I’m going to discuss the education system and scope of education in Somalia. Some institutional intervention and capable to manage the problem in internal displacement in Somalia.  The focus would be to compare the contrast with other systems. There is requirements in order to identify the specific challenges which faced by the Somalia. What are the action plans about the education system in Somalia? You need to clarify the coming problems and hurdle, which are facing in Somalia. The economic progress of the Somalia is very low. The education system is in pathetic condition. Numbers of things require establishing the education in Somalia. Since, last two decades Somalia recognizes as pirates country, but now the trend has been changed. Some scholars and educated people trying to change it shape. They want to show the better side of the country to world. With primary education, students taught human rights and some technical skills. Firstly, large group of people depends on the illegal sources, such as ransom for people and professionals. They treat other person by kidnapping the engineer and whole crue. However, these problems were early habit of the Somali people. With increasing knowledge of education in villages and urban area situation has been changed. Despite of lowest GDP and per Capita income Somalia people are doing education to enhance the economy of the country.
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