Saturday, May 25, 2013

Travel And Holiday In Somalia

It may seem weird or even absurd to some individuals that someone can actually think of picking Somalia as a tourist destination. This reasoning is based on the constant instability and insecurity that has befell Somalia. It may seem unsafe for many people to visit a country that has for decades faced stability challenges and especially because the country is internationally recog
nized as a warzone with man-made tragedies and military dictatorships.

One is then left to wonder if amidst all these challenges, the Somali government has had time to develop their tourism industry and if there are places to visit and the safety of the tourists be guaranteed. There are places to visit in Somalia but focus can definitely not be channeled towards tourism when insecurity is a major concern as well. It is indeed true that the instability in Somalia has greatly affected their tourism industry because even they few attractive sites are closed and more notably, tourists fear for their safety. The Shanghai old city for example is one place to visit while in Somalia. It is a beautiful site with old buildings that used to be used as a playground for the wealthy in the olden days. Visiting Shanghai old city is however not possible at the moment because it is currently being controlled by warlords in spite of it being one of Mogadishu’s most beautiful spots. There are also a varied landscape of mountains in Somalia, tropical forests and deserts along the Gulf of Aden that may be interesting places to visit but due to the chaos in Somalia, they are not accessible to visitors at the moment.

In spite of all that, Somalia is one of the African countries with a very interesting history being one of Africa’s earliest economic centers in the colonial times. Some of the places to visit in Somalia include:-Bakara market which was like a military base during the Somalian war, War memorial, Daloh heritage reserve and the independence monument which is a sculpture of a hand holding the country’s map. Among the best hotels in which one can spend their time in include Ambassador Hotel Hargeisa, Oriental Hotel, Sahafi hotel, Maan-soor Hotel and Hotel Shamo. Furthermore, there are no traditional festivals in Somalia. The only festivals that the Somali people get to celebrate are those in the Muslin calendar; Ramadhan for example and this, unfortunately cannot serve as a tourist attraction in Somalia.
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