Saturday, May 25, 2013

Tourist Spots In Somalia

Somalia is present in the horn of Africa and has the Indian Ocean to border it in the east, making it a coast country. During historic times Somalia was known as the economic centre of Africa. Currently there are a few tourist spots one can visit the country after the situation is appropriate. We present you the ten places you can visit:

The Bakara Market: This market is the heart of the capital city Mogadishu. The market is filled with shops of food items, ornaments and clothes. One can visit this place for the authentic cuisines or ethnic dresses are very cheap rates.

The old city of Shanghai:With its world-class architecture and beautiful sites, one must surely visit the old city present in Mogadishu. Wealthy businessmen are in hold of this city now.

Sinsui beach: A 5km drive from Merca will take you to this beautiful location. All the tourists do make a point to visit this place. Also if you come to Somalia with your better half, do make it a point to see this place. The hotels here are in the form of huts will all amenities.

The Bazooka bar: Well do not get your hopes high, this place does not have so much alcohol in its menu. Actually it is tough to get alcohol anywhere in Somalia. But if you are dying for some beer, visit this bar. It also serves mouthwatering food.

Daloh heritage reserve: This place is famous for its flora and fauna. One can see lions and hyenas in this place. Nature lovers can find forests, streams and rivers in this place. Trekking is also allowed here.

QaytabaCuntada: The highest peak in Hargeisa can be found here. You can find this place above Barwaqo hotel. Do try to have a meal here enjoying the scenic view. 

War memorial: This depicts the war situation in 1980-1990. Present in the heart of Hargeisa, it has the real MiG Jet fighter that was used in the war.

Kismayo: If you are there in Somalia just to relax, this is the ideal place for you. Being a port city, it is close to the mouth of Jubba River. 

Central mosque: The architecture of the mosque is sure to catch your eye. Muslims who visit the country do make it a point to visit this place. 

Independence monument: Marks the independence of the country. It is in the heart of Hargeisa. The sculpture is a hand holding the flag of the country. A very patriotic site.
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