Saturday, May 25, 2013

Somalian women & female life

Women in Somalia face so many discrimination and endemic assault. They are facing these with harmful repercussions for their lives. Somali women have shown strength despite of different difficulties. After sustained more than 20 years of civil war in Somalia and hardship the country's future lies in their hands. Women of Somalia are finally looking to a lighter future and they are also supported by greater balance in parts of the country and authorities attempting to rebuild the social contract between the State of Somalia and its general people. 

Abuse towards women and girls impacts all societies. In Somalia the war has changed the gender roles and women are often taking the lead role in providing for families livelihoods and they are also continuing as the main care providers. Because of women increased economic role and contributions to clan activities in Somalia. Somali women remain largely omitted from decision-making properties. They are also facing a worrying enhance in rape and sexual abuse because of the inactive security system of Somalia. 

In Somalia only 37 percent of students at the lower primary school levels are girls which are so negligible. The gender difference is greatly pronounced in upper levels education system. Since 2003-2004 there has been very small progress toward minimizing the gender difference. In this time the results of previous school surveys reflect the same pattern of education of girl. UNICEF mentioned several aspects impacting low enrolment of girls in Somalia. The most important social factor is the traditionally early marriage of Somali girls during their school-going age. 

As Somalia enters a new time, offenses of women's human rights must be resolved. Somalia should have to be strong and make sure women are given the chance to build their country, to be part of the governmental process, and part of a reasonable and comprehensive society.
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