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Disclaimer: Somalia is a country in the horn of Africa. Considered as a beautiful country to travel at one point of time, this is now a war affected zone. Many governments of other countries have issued a travel advisory for Somalia presently. 
We present you a guide of travelling to Somalia and do’s and dont’s in the land. One has to visit this country for its sightseeing and local cuisines. We give a fair bit of idea about how to get there, what to see and what to do.

Getting to Somalia: 
Planes are considered as the best option to travel to this country. Jubba airlines and Dallo airlines have regular flights from Dubai, London and Paris.

By boat, one can get to this country using the ports present in Mogadishu, Kismayu, Berbera and Marka.

One might also think that he/she can travel by car after reaching a neighboring country but this is not advised due to the war like situation.

Staying and travelling in Somalia:
Hotels in Mogadishu and Hargeisa are of good standards and all tourists prefer to stay in those hotels. Other cities like Kismayu, Berbera and Afgoi too have such hotels. Dormitories can also be found in many places accommodating 10 people and providing a cheap stay.

For travelling, one can either take a taxi or the government bus. One should know that this country was without a government for nearly 2 decades and the transport is gradually improving.

Places to visit:
The major tourist attractions in Mogadishu include Bakara Market, old city of Shanghai, Sinsui beach, War memorial, Las Geel and the national parks. Depending on the need and the favorable conditions to travel, one can choose to visit any of these locations.

If you are visiting only the capital then make it a point to visit the Bakara market for authentic dresses and tasty food.

Precautions for a successful travel:
· Stick to bottled fluids.
· Vaccinations before travel are advised.
· Women should not wear skimpy outfits.
· Never shoot photos of women, army, policemen etc.
· Eat in your hotel if you are present there during Ramdan. Never eat out.
· Don’t drink/carry alcohol.
· Avoid shaking of hands with the locals.
· Being a war zone currently, women can be at risk of sexual harassment.

If one follows the ethics above and plans his trip accordingly, he/she can have a safe journey and an enjoyable one too.
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