Saturday, May 25, 2013

Somalia Religion and Religious Belief

Most of the people of Somalia are Sunni Muslims and less than 1 percent of ethnic Somalis are Christians. A few number of non-Somali ethnic fraction groups in the southern parts of the country also exercise animism. For the Bantu, these spiritual customs were got from their forefathers in southeastern Africa and these consist of the exercise of ownership dances and the use of magic and curses. 

Islam is a vast majority religion in Somalia, It was founded in 622 AD and introduced to the country by the early admirers of its founder and It was Prophet Mohammad. Its basic lessons are embodied in the Quran which is the Bible of the Muslims and in Islam sharia recommends the pillars of faith. The 1st and 2nd categories of Islam under these pillars refer to actions and nightlong prayer, respectively. Its 3rd refers many high-end activities. The 4th category is about the undesirable but allowed act of divorce. The last category banned acts of cheating and other sinful deeds. 

The Muslim trust forms an important part of daily social life. The attempts of Catholic and Protestant missionaries have never been effective to cheat them. Some of the terms for "God" are also found among the neighboring non-Muslim peoples and in urban areas many people was motivated by the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood known as Akhiwaan Muslimin. 

A variety of religious beings are considered to occupy the world. The jinny is the only category of spirits that Islam identifies. It is generally harmless if it is left uninterrupted. There are other types of spirits such as ayaamo, mingis, and rohaan. People who are held often form cults seeking to ease the owning spirit. 

As a few religions in Somalia, Christianity has more than 1,000 enthusiasts in the country. Its only cathedral in Mogadishu has been seriously broken at the height of constant fighting between the warring groups of civil war of Somalia.
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