Saturday, May 25, 2013

Somalia Major food for Somali Herdsmen

In Somalia major food for Somali herdsmen and nomadic families are Milk from camels, goats, and cows. They collect milk and meat for their food, especially when guests are expected for a celebration. They usually eat meat in special occasions and Meat including liver from sheep and goats are popular for them. The most popular bread is muufo which is made of flat bread made from ground corn flour. Somalis generally do not like fish though fish is plentiful in the waters off the Somali coast. According to the Muslim belief, they do not eat pork or drink alcohol as it’s not permitted in Islam. Women seldom dined out with men until the late 1990s though Dining establishments are popular in cities. At Somalia it is traditional for women that they will serve the men first. Then she will eat with their children after the men have completed. Rural Somalis eat by sweeping food from a bowl with the first 3 fingers of their right hand. In different occasion people make bread, meat and prepare food for guests and for the poor. 

Civil war of the Somalia damaged the facilities of the Somali state including its health services. To Rebuild of the health sector is inhibited because of a shortage of expert staff, economical resources, and efficient governance of the Somalia. As the large areas of the country are still controlled by Al-Shabab so it is so hard and challenging of delivering healthcare in Somalia. Most of the area of Somalia is inaccessible due to armed groups that have filled the vacuum left by Al-Shabab. The Somali government declared on 24 April its intention to vaccinate all children under the age of one with a new five-in-one vaccine. Recently half of children in Somalia have obtained the compulsory diphtheria, tetanus and DTP vaccine which is incredibly low. According to a joint UNICEF and government survey only 11 percent of children in Somaliland receive the needed three doses by their first birthday.
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