Saturday, May 25, 2013

Somalia Language

The official language of Somalia is the Somali language, which a form of Afro-Asiatic language. It is a type of Cushitic language spoken by ethnic Somali. This language finds its major use in the northern and diaspora of Somali. Geographically, this language is mostly spoken in Somalia, Yemen, Kenya, Dijubouti and Ethiopia. A total of 16.6 million people in the world speak Somali, with 8.3 million of them living in Somalia. The start of the civil war saw new speakers of the language rising in Europe and America.
Officially two languages are recognized by the Federal Government of Somalia: Arabic and Somali language. Arabic found its dominance in the region owing to the interaction with Arab traders since pre-historic times. The education system follows teachings in Somali language as per the law passed in January 1973.

There are three different types of Somali language: Northern, Benadirand Maay. The main variety out of the three languages is the Northern Somali which forms the basis of the standard language. Poets mainly use this language and it is also dubbed as the prestige of Somalia. Benadiris the language spoken in the capital city as well as the central coast of Somalia. The dialect is same as the Northern Somali. Maayis common in the southern region of the horn country and is the most different from the rest two. It varies both in sentence formation as well as phonetics.

The five vowels in Somali language have 4 verities for each of them, making it 20 different vowel sounds. It is yet a point to debate to ascertain whether the language is a tonal or a pitch language. Most recent suggestions tell that the language is a pitch dominant language. Hence the languageof Somalia has a history and is the most documented Cushitic language.
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