Saturday, May 25, 2013

Somalia language

The Somali language is a member of the Cushitic languages which is including Aroma and Afar that are spoken in the different part of Africa. This group of languages is in turn a member of the Afro-asiatic family of languages as example Arabic, Hebrew, Aramaic, Egyptian, and Mandara, among others. Somali is the national language of Somalia which is also spoken in Ethiopia, Kenya, Eritrea, and Djibouti. Somali is also spoken as an adoptive language by a few ethnic few groups in these regions.
The languages of Somalia refer to the various spoken forms of communication in Somalia which includes the nation's official languages. The Somali language is the main language of Somalia and the mother tongue of the Somali people. Its nearest relatives are the Afar and soho languages which are similar to Somali. Somali dialects are split into three main groups and these are Northern, Benaadir and maay. Among these Northern Somali forms the basis for Standard Somali. 

In addition to Somali, Arabic is also an Afro-Asiatic tongue which is a formal national language in Somalia. Many Somalis speak it because the centuries-old ties with the Arab World, the far-reaching impact of the Arabic media in Somalia and religious education especially the Yemeni dialect in Somalia languages. Somali's main sentence borrowings come from Arabic language. Most of the vocabulary terms of this language comprised of commonly-used nouns. 

Foreign & different group’s languages: 
English is also commonly used and educated language in Somalia. Italian used to be a significant language in Somalia but its impact significantly reduced following independence. Italian language is now mostly used among older generations of the Somalia people. Other community languages include Chimwiini or Chimbalazi which is a version of the Bant and it is spoken along the coast by the bravanese people as well as Kibajuni which is another Swahili language that is the mother tongue of the Bajuni minority ethnic group of Somalia.
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