Saturday, May 25, 2013

Somalia is Risky Place to Travel

A country filled with bloodshed and war terror, Somalia is a risky place to travel. The country has been on the conflict side of life since early 1990s. This has seen the government forces exchange jurisdiction with the warlords. Several militia groups have thus cropped up with Al Shabab being the most notorious terror group. The country is mainly divided into 3 parts: Somalia to the South, Puntland in the North-East, and Somaliland to the North-West corner of the country.
Traveling in Somalia could be fascinating, though a daring adventure. Independent visitors are encouraged to be on the lookout of the terrorists. The country is now facing crisis from piracy in the coast line. Kidnappers have taken it upon their jurisdiction to control the entry and travel within the country. The torn situation has been scorched by lawlessness and banditry in the country. Nonetheless, the country hosts a number of breathtaking features and landscapes for visitors. There are deserts, mountains, and beaches that have been deserted as well as forests. The Gulf of Aden is one of the many features you would like to see in Somalia.

Holidays in Somalia are to be in a calculated manner. The weather is not always welcoming with hot and dry January to February seasons. In August, the dust clouds take over in collaboration with the monsoon winds. The Islamic calendar has a number of festive seasons for people in Somalia. The holidays depend on the moon phases such as the fasting time and the holiday of Ramadan. Other festive times include the ritualistic times.
While planning on a tour to Somalia, ensure you have the basic travelling documents such as visa and tour guides. The terrain is simple but could be tricky visiting. Meat is known to feature in most of their food and thus making part of their staple food. Be warned, the place is not safe and requires maximum vigilance.
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