Saturday, May 25, 2013

Somalia is important countries third world

Somalia is one of the important countries in the third world. The constitutional name of this country is the Federal Republic of Somalia. The capital of this country is Mogadishu. It is located in African Ocean. It is a Muslim country. The language of this country is Somalia language or Arabic language. Most of the people of this country are Muslim. About 10 million people are living in this country. It is country which a large portion of people living under poverty line. It is never a peaceful country. Political instability is the main reason of this country. Terrorism is strictly controlling this country. 
This country is surrounded by Ethiopia, Kenya, Indian Ocean and Gulf of Aden. Most of the people of this country are ethnic Somalis. Muslim is the main religion of this country. This country is far behind from modern education. Arabic education is main education in here. UNICEF is helping this country for proper education. Female education rate is very low in here. Women are very backward in here. UNICEF is giving donation for female education. Population growth rate is in high in here. People are not conscious about their health. Most of children are suffering from malnutrition. Economical condition is not better. International donation is needed for passing time with proper facilities. 

Terrorism and poverty are the common phenomenon in this country. A large number of children are losing their life for lacking of food. Political crisis is always still in this country. A large number of people have nothing to do for terrorism activities. UN has taken a major step for controlling this country. Corruptions, lack of education have destroyed the country. But it is hopeful speech that the country is struggling for proper running. The total world have come very close to their that can change the country. 
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