Saturday, May 25, 2013

Somalia holidays and travel to Somalia.

Travelling to Somalia for a holiday never runs in person’s mind because of the instability which has hit the country. It is prone to ruthless pirates who kidnap people and want some huge amounts of ransom, bloody warlords and religious extremists. In spite of all these challenges, many people to take travels to Somalia for holidays.
The tourists who visit Somalia are provided security by armed guards. One can travel by plane but to Somalia but it has problems in the airports due to the bombings occurring frequently, although it is one of the safe means of transport. By using vehicles is dangerous since one can be attacked any time by the militia men especially the Al-Shabaab and the constant naggings in the borders of the neighboring countries. By ship and boats is the worst means of transport since you can be attacked by the pirates any time and demand ransoms.

One can take holiday in Somalia since it has some beautiful sites, for example beaches where one can swim with his family although women must dress fully to show respect to the society because of the Sharia law. There are also hotels around the beaches, for example the Peace hotel where one can take delicious Somali foods.

One cannot find visiting Somali boring in that there are many interesting things there to see. The Somali has different cultures and there are many people involved in the pastoral nomads, so one can come to watch them as they wander from one place to another. There is also a possibility many archaeological heritages of painted caves which you can visit to make you familiar with the past of Somalia.

Hence it requires one to have determination and some bribery to take a tour in Somalia.
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