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Somalia Food and Health

Somali cooking is influenced and is a mixture of different regions like Ethiopian, Yemini, Persian, Turkish, Indian, and Italian. The food that they eat is halal.

Let’s take a look at the different types of food, Somalis eat.
Somalis start their day with the tea (shaah), and eat pancake-like bread. Somalis do not miss their breakfast. This pancake-like bread which they also call canjeero is eaten in many ways. Children eat it when it is mixed with sesame oil until pulpy. They use goat meat as a side dish. People in Mogadishu eat porridge with butter and sugar.

Somali people like to eat pasta or rice which is spiced with cloves, cardamom, and cumin. In south of Somalia, people like to eat hot pot full of rice and sometimes meat. People in Mogadishu love to eat steak and fish. Pasta is also served with the rice as well as wit the banana.

Somali people take dinner at 9 pm and dinner in Somalia is called “casho”. During Ramadan, dinner time is delayed till 11 pm. The most commonly used dish during dinner is Cambuulo, it is made with azuki beans mixed with butter and sugar.

A survey was conducted in 1998 to know which food Somali people love to eat and it was found that 83% of Mogadishu people love to eat Cambuulo.

Before going to bed, they never forget to drink a glass of milk.

During Ramadan, the most commonly eaten snack is Sambuusa, the actual name of the snack is samosa.
In southern part of the Somalia, people like to eat Kabaab. They mix it with potatoes, onion, vegetables, and then deep fry it.
Throughout the day they also use fruits as snacks. Fruits like mango, banana, guava, and grapefruit.

Somalis love to eat sweets. The famous sweets are.

Somalia has been operating without any central government since 1991. Even today, the basic challenges they face is food and health care access. 

Life expectancy in Somalia is 50 years only. 
Besides this Somalia has a highest rate of infant mortality in the world.
Another severe problem in Somalia is of malnutrition.
The Somali government is striving hard to overcome all these issues.
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