Saturday, May 25, 2013

Somalia Culture and Fashion Show

The culture of Somalia is a mixture of different and far away civilizations such as Northeast Africa, India, and Southeast Asia.
Somalia is also known as a “Nation of Poets” or “Nation of Bards”. They have another tradition, they love to tell stories.

The only official language of Somalia is the Somali Language. 

The national official language of the country is Arabic. Most of the Somali people are able to speak Arabic language, and that is because of the religious education and the influence of the Arabic media.

English language is also part of the syllabus in schools. Italian used to be a major language but now only older generations use it.

99% of the Somalis are Muslims and they belong to the Sunni sect. Islam is the religion of Somali republic.

There are not more than 1000 Christians in Somalia, Christianity is minority religion.

Family Structure
Somali people do not marry outside their clan, group, or class. Major Somali clans are as below.

1 Darod
2 Dir
3 Hawiye
4 Isaaq
5 Rahanweyn

Somali men like to wear jeans and t-shirts, but when they are not wearing the western clothing, they wear macawis. On their heads to commonly wrap a colorful turban. Somali men also wear a Arab dress called “jellabiya”. This dress is common in the Arab world.

The regular attire for women in Somalia is “guntiino”. They tie it over their shoulder and around the waist.

Guntiino can also be worn in different ways. Married women use head-scarves, unmarried women do not always cover their heads but cover their face by the use of hijab.

Henna is frequently used on different occasions such as Eid, and Ramadan. Somali women also wear gold jewelry. 

Somalis love football; they are crazy for this game. Their football team is ranked 187th in the world. Another game they are showing interest in is Basketball.
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