Saturday, May 25, 2013

Somali Beautiful Girls

Somali women are well known all over the world for their beauty. So enthralled are people of the world by their beauty that they easily fall in love with these girls. The women of Somalia are tall and wiry. The average height of a Somali girl is around 5’7-5’9 which is considered as a very good height among women. They have eagle like feature and long hands. The hair is soft curly and wavy in nature. Some people even tell that they have curvy hips. The skin tone varies from light brown to black though most are of caramel complexion. Somali women are considered as one of the most beautiful women.
The certain characteristics of Somali girls are good and bad for certain reasons. Most Somalian girls are feminine and take good care of how they look. Appearance is a crucial factor for the women in Somalia and the women dress modestly in colorful attire. Wearing a head scarf is left to the choice of these girls. The clothes that they wear also depend on the clan to which they belong. Education is a near zero for these girls and they can be considered as second to men in the society. 

The attire that women in Somalia wear makes them look even more beautiful and elegant. Women are usually seen in guntiino, which first draped around the waist and then tied to the shoulders. For festivals and marriages, diracforms the attire of these women. It is a colorful dress and makes women look more elegant. The dirac is worn over a brasseire and a half slip. Gorogoradis the underskirt of the dirac.

Right now the standard of living is improving for these women as the female genital mutilation is considerably decreasing in the country. Lesser women are subject to sexual harassment now-a-days. Also these beautiful women are going to schools and getting educated. 

Hence with all these developments, Somali girls are not just considered beautiful but also ones who are educated and can lead a good life!
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