Saturday, May 25, 2013

Somali Beach And Beach Life

The beaches in Somalia can be considered as one of the best beaches in Africa and also in the world. Being on the Eastern front, this country has a coast length of 3980 square miles which includes the Indian Ocean and the red sea. These scenic and beautiful beaches are somehow not being used to their full potential due to the civil war in the region. Somehow the reefs, the clear water and the tropical islands make it a place to visit for sure.

Sinsui beach is the most famous beach in Somalia. Just a 5km drive from the city of Merca will lead to the Sinsui beach. This is the perfect place tolet go of all your tensions and relax. It isalso dubbed as the prefect spot for romantic couples. The place offers a stay in a hut which has all modern amenities included (romantic, right?). For all adventure enthusiasts this place also offers swimming and diving.

There are sharks that are present in the waters of Somalia. But most of the land protected by the sand bags. To have a more scenic view of the beach, it is advised to construct a tent with cots within each of them. Cots ensure that you are not attacked by crabs in the night. Making a campfire in the night is also a good idea in the beach life.

Post the war era, Somalia has seen a recovery in the number of tourists. Beach life can be fully experienced by spending a day in the beaches. You find the beach commercialized now, with lounge chairs present in the restaurants on the beach. Men can swim and roam shirtless, but women must be in full clothes respecting the tradition of the country. Sea food and hookah is present in the menu but as alcohol is banned in the country you won’t be able to find it easily.

A relaxed evening can be savored by viewing the sunset sitting on a lounge chair in the beach. This completes the experience of beach life in Somalia.
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