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Prehistory of Somalia and Historical Places

Somalia is a country located in northeast Africa. Somalia is considered to be the only country with the longest coastline on the continent. The weather is hot all around the year.

In northern part of the country, cave paintings have been found and they are as old as 9000 BC. 
The Laas Gaal complex has some of the oldest rock art on the African continent. 

19th Century
Mohammed Abdullah Hassan, in 19th century, when European powers began the race to Africa, started one of the longest and toughest resistance wars ever. In many of his speeches, Hassan highlighted that the British “have destroyed our religion and made our children their children”. Hassan then made it compulsory and issued a religious ordinance that every Somali national has to accept the goal of unity of Somalia and if he did not fight under his leadership, he then would be considered as kafir. He had four expeditions with British and drove them back, and he had relations with Central Powers and German Empires.
Historical Places
Mogadishu is the capital city of Somalia. The estimated population of Mogadishu is 2450000. It is still not clear that how the name was formed. Some say it is derived from the Arabic name “maqad shah”, another group says that it comes from the Somali version of the Swahili “mwyu ma”. Italy, in 1905, made it the capital of Italian Somaliland.

Bakara Market
Another beautiful place to visit in Somalia is the lively street, named Bakara Market. If you are looking for a vast variety of food, clothing, and ornaments in the Somali style, this is the best place. You can get the African ethnic designs and colors for a very low price, after bargain. Street food in Bakara Market is very tasty, and it will make you lick your fingers. Street food is made using the most common ingredients yet you cannot resist it.

National Parks
National parks are the biggest attraction for any visitor in Somalia. Throughout the country we find well preserved, fresh looking national parks that give the tourist a chance to look upon ancient and rare east African species. 

One of the best national parks any visitor would like to go is Kismayu National Park of Somalia. 
If you have interest in African species then you should give a visit to Hargeisa National Park, situated in the north of Somalia.
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