Saturday, May 25, 2013

Population of Somalia

Somalia is a country located in northeast Africa. Somalia is considered to be the only country with the longest coastline on the continent. The weather is hot all around the year.

According to a census, population of Somalia is around 10 million. The official languages of Somalia are Somali and Arabic. Majority of the people in Somalia are Sunni Muslims.

Native Cushitic people started to mingle with Persian and Arab traders, and this interaction led to the emergence of a culture that has common traditions, a single language and the Islamic faith.

Around 60 % of the Somali population raises cattle, camel, sheep, and goats. Around 25 % of the population consists of farmers who live in the productive agricultural areas in southern Somalia.

15%-20% of the population lives in the rural areas. Almost everyone speaks the official Somali language.
The official language Somali is now used as a language of instruction in all institutes throughout the country. The other widely used languages are Arabic, English, and Italian.

“Somali” is obtained from two words, “so maal”, which means, “go milk a beast for yourself”.

Somali family consists of husband, wife, and children, commonly known as nuclear family. Women and girls of the family take care of camels, sheep, and goats. A man’s prestige is measured by the number of camels he owns.

Somali people are considered to be warriors. To become effective fighters, they always train themselves, for that they leave their women behind to take care of the herds.

Somali’s can be divided into four major clan groups. The largest two are, somaal and the sab. Somaal are shepherds and sab live as farmers.

A shepherd’s wife (a somaal) has her own hut and it is her responsibility to manage the home. It does not rain more than 4 inches a year, so a Somali’s life is always on the move in search of the water.

Sometimes back, a Somali’s diet used to be of milk and milk products. Now it consists of rice, meat and wild fruits.
Somali’s like poetry a lot. They learn history and tell stories through their poetry. During evening walks, they love to chant folk tales.
With the passage of time I am sure that Somalia is going to be a part of modern civilization.
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