Saturday, May 25, 2013

People and population of Somalia

The Somali people inhabit the lands of Somali, in the Horn of Africa. It runs in line with the Beach of Aden and also the Indian Sea. The Somali people in fact represent the major national race in Somali and it accounts for about 85 % of the population of Somalia. The Somali people are also famously known as the Somalis. The Somali people submerge themselves in the single belief that they are enfant of one ancestor, who had two sons, that is Somali and Sab.
The Somali people typically speak in the Somali language. Somali language represents the main position in the country as its official language. Besides this language the Somali people are also using other languages as like Arabic, Italian and English. The Religion of Somali people is Muslim and it is 99.9% of the total population. About 65% of all Somalis are raise cattle; camels, sheep, and goats for lead their life. About 25% of the population is completed farmers and the farmers live mainly in the fertile agricultural zone in between the Juba and Shebelle Rivers in southern Somalia. The rest of the population is urban that is about 20%. Large ethnic groups in the country include Bantu agricultural employees, a number of thousand Arabs and some hundreds of Indians and Pakistanis. 

Population in Somalia is documented by the World Bank. In respect to a World Bank report released in 2012, In 2010 The Population density in Somalia was 14.87. Changing 239 percent of population during the last 50 years, the total population in Somalia was 9.6 million people in 2011 which was 2.8 million in 1960. From 1960 until 2013, Somalia Population averaged 5.9 Million getting to an all time high of 9.6 Million in December of 2011 and a track record low of 2.8 Million in December of 1960 which is happened historically. The population of Somalia symbolizes 0.14 percent of the world´s total population and it means that one person in every 729 people on the planet is a citizen of Somalia.
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