Saturday, May 25, 2013

People and population of Somalia

People make a locations unique. More than the landscape and architecture, it is the warmth and genuineness of the people that sticks with you and Somalia is no exception.

It is true that people character is often the product of their immediate environment, relevant events and experiences, the character of people in Somalia is an exception. While it is easy to deduce that based from all the challenges they have faced that they would be weak and fragile people, they are indeed the opposite of norm.
The people of Somalia are quite hardworking and to the surprise of many, very enthusiastic. They also put a premium on hardwork making their demand high in countries with shortage in manual labor. 

With quality education one of the shortcomings of Somalia, the people are unknowin gly gifted with natural intelligence. They have this ability to read people and to some extent, read the motives of people they are in conversation with. 
Somalis are also by nature very hospitable. They offer food and shelter to other people proving they have golden hearts. 

There are a lot of negative impressions on the country because of all the hurdles they are trying to overcome as a country. The silver lining in all these is that the people that make up the country is a perfect example that a country does not dictate to its people but the people defines a country.
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