Saturday, May 25, 2013

Most Beautiful Places In Somalia

Somalia, popularly known as the horn country is a coastline country on the eastern edge of Africa. If a person visits Somalia, he/she will remember the trip for the whole life. With so many breathtaking sites in the country, one is sure to be enchanted in this beautiful land. The major attractions that one should not miss in Somalia include the Bakara market, the Sinsui beach and the Shanghai old city. Other places too are stunning and can be given a visit. Let us describe some of these spots for you.

Bakara Market: This market is the heart of the capital city Mogadishu. The market is filled with shops of food items, ornaments and clothes. The prices too are pretty cheap and also a lot of bargaining is possible. The dresses are ethnic African dresses that the traditional African wears. The street food is mouthwatering and one simply cannot resist the aroma and taste of that food. However a cautionary advice is that this food can be unhygienic. So if your stomach is ready to accept this food, then consume. The Somalian war has, in a strange way, helped the market gain popularity. 
Shanghai Old City: This city is known for its architecture and scenic beauty. It is one of the cities to be visited just for sightseeing. Currently warlords control the city.

Sinsui Beach: A 5km drive from Merca will take you to this beautiful location. All the tourists do make a point to visit this place. Also if you come to Somalia with your better half, do make it a point to see this place. The hotels here are in the form of huts will all amenities.

Other famous locations include the LaasGaal caves that have a series of cave paintings in different caves. Jubba river is another place that will pop your eyes out. Forts and other historical monuments can be seen in the historical city of Taxeel. The coast of Mogadishu, called as the Mogadishu waterfront is another coastline which is also the harbor of the city. 

So when you go to Somalia, make sure that you see these places!
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