Saturday, May 25, 2013

Mogadishu Somalia

Mogadishu is not only Somalia’sbiggest city but also its capital. Its strategic location allowed it for centuries to be a very important port; it is after all situated in the Benaadir coast (exactly at 2°4’N 45°22’ E) which gives her access to the Indian Ocean.
It has a surface area of 1657 km² and no less than 1.353.000 inhabitants which results in a density that is estimated to be of 817 / km².
Records affirm that the capital –and the southern Somalia as a whole– was first populated by hunter-gatherers of Bushman physical stock. Later on, Cushitic agro-pastoralists came in to the area. As for Arabs and Persians, they only started settling down in the area in the late 9th or 10th century. 

The city was ruled, during the medieval Golden Age, by a vassal of the Ajuuraan state, and was at a later given time under the reign of the GobroonDynastie. Then, during colonization, it became the capital of Italian Somaliland. 

The city is known for the Hamarweyn old town, the Bakaara market and the former resort of Gezira Beach and is officially divided into 16 administrative districts.

Despite it being located so close to the Equator, the capital has a dry climate. Since it mostly lays on a desert terrain, it is quite understandable that the climate is classified as hot and semi-arid. Rainfall is definitely not as frequent as one would want which results in the inhabitants suffering from drought quite often. 
Because of civil war, the economics suffered greatly however it is now recovering –slowly but surely. Some businesses specialized in hotel accommodation and things of the sort even had to hire private security militia so that their clients are protected. 
Food, beverage processing and textile are the main industries in the area 
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