Saturday, May 25, 2013


Mogadishu or Xamar(as it is called locally) is the largest city and also the capital of Somalia. This city is on the coastal region and has served as one of the major ports. The historic era of this city saw itself inhabited by the hunter-gathers of Bushman. The medieval era saw it being ruled by the Muzaffardynasty. In the colonial period, this city belonged to the Italian area. It saw heavy losses in the 1991 civil war and is currently on the road to recovery.

Tourists who visit this city are sure to be spellbound by its 1000 year rich history. The buildings and other monuments of this city are also worthwhile. Being the most important work, most of the trade and export happens via this city. Mogadishu was first discovered by the Arab traders who frequented the land. They set up trade centers in the city and made it one of the most prosperous cities in the region, a phenomenon that exists even today. It was only after independence in 1960 that it was made the capital of Somalia.

The number of people who have made this city their home exceeds 1.5 million. Due to the infamous civil war that lasted for a decade, this city lost most of its hospitals, industries and monuments. The turmoil created by the war completely ruined the economy of Mogadishu. The transitional government followed by the federal government ensured that the city is put on the path of recovery. Due to the efforts both from the private sector as well as the government, Mogadishu saw setting up of new industries post war. The flagship of those industries was the setting up of the Coca-Cola manufacturing unit. Also the telecommunication system is at par with the worlds’ best, making it a good area to invest in.

The transportation is slowly making inroads. Right now one has to use vans/trucks to move from one place to another. The best places to see in Mogadishu are the archway, Cathedral and the Arba mosque. With constant efforts from the government and other organization, Mogadishu is trying to regain the status it used to hold once.
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