Saturday, May 25, 2013

Languages and living art in Somalia

The Somali language is the main language of Somalia and the mother tongue of the Somali people. The Somali language is a member of the Cushitic languages. This group of languages is in turn a member of the Afro-asiatic family of languages as example Arabic, Hebrew, Aramaic, Egyptian, and Mandara, among others. Somali is the national language of Somalia which is also spoken in Ethiopia, Kenya, Eritrea, and Djibouti. Its nearest relatives are the Afar and soho languages which are similar to Somali. In addition to Somali, Arabic is also an Afro-Asiatic tongue which is a formal national language in Somalia. English is also commonly used and educated language in Somalia. Italian used to be a significant language in Somalia but its impact significantly reduced following independence. Italian language is now mostly used among older generations of the Somalia people. Other community languages include Chimwiini or Chimbalazi which is a version of the Bant. 
Somali art is the creative culture of the Somali people in this case it’s both ancient and fashionable. Somali art include artistic practices in pottery, music, architecture, woodcarving and other genres. Somali art is recognized by its aniconism and with their popular Muslim beliefs. The oldest evidence of Somaliland art in the Somali peninsula is pre-historic rock paintings. Carving is an art which is known in Somali as qoris, it is a much well known job in Somalia both in historic and modern times. Many rich urbanites in the ancient period consistently applied the finest wood and marble carvers in Somalia to work on their inside and houses to decorate them. The textile culture of Somalia is an historical evidence of excellent art. Somali architecture and metal work is a rich and various tradition of engineering and designing multiple different structure of Somalia.
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