Saturday, May 25, 2013

Government and Economy of Somalia

Somalia has had no accepted government since January 27, 1991 and It is politically risky country. After the failure of the Somali government various groups decided to compete for control of Somalia and it resulted in chaos and clan warfare in this country. Although Somalia is not as lawless as it was at the time when Barre was ousted Somali groups still continue to fight for control of the location. Since President Siad Barre left in 1991, Somalia has not had a central government. When the Adjusting National Government was created and President Hassan was selected to office in 2000. Then the more important and one of the first actions of the government were to build a military force for bringing peace to the country. He selected 5,000 military men to begin training as a national force to serve the country. Somalia currently has no centrally performing government and has a loosely organized lawful system that is almost worthless. Somalia is trying to form a government so that the country can once again strengthen their internal structure. 

Somalia has a strong economy. In case of having no government they are doing extremely well. The economy of Somalia is primarily based on agriculture but there are also a number of small scale businesses. Remittances from Somalis working abroad and the telecommunications sector have also a great impact on the economy. Somalia has one of the most powerful telecommunications sectors in Africa. Other countries of the world in similar economic conditions would be receiving large amounts of foreign aid but Somalia has never been so lucky in case of receiving any aid. Total lack of a government is the main problem they have in their economy and the fact that foreign aid staff can’t securely enter the country has made this difficult. In many ways this makes the success of the Somali economy even more outstanding in the world economy.
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