Saturday, May 25, 2013

Geographical Facts about Somalia

Somalia is an African country located on the eastern side with latitude and longitude of 6.0442° N and 45.7194° E, respectively (Source: It is formerly known as the Somali Democratic Republic but is now officially declared as the Federal Republic of Somalia. It is bordered by Ethiopia on the west, the Gulf of Aden on the north, the Indian Ocean on the east, and Kenya on the southwest. It has a total land area of 637, 657 sq. kms., which is comprised by 627,337 sq. kms land and 10,320 sq. kms water (Source: Central Intelligence Agency [2013]). The lands mainly consist of plateaus, plains, and highlands. Its capital, Mogadishu (a.k.a. Xamar), is the largest city of the country and is located in the coastal Banaadir region on the Indian Ocean. The three other big cities in Somalia are: Hargeysa, Berbera, and Kismayo.
 Somalia is generally a desert. It is hot and dry throughout the year; but can be very hot and humid in between the monsoons. The environment varies from semi-arid to arid conditions depending on the altitude of the location. Some places which are located on higher altitudes have a weather that is not as dry and hot as the rest of the places in the country. The southern region is usually hotter than the northern region. Typically, there is a monsoon in the northeast region during the months of December to February; and the southwest monsoon brings irregular rainfall in the months of May to October. The Shabeelle and Jubba rivers provide the main drainage of Somalia. These rivers originate in Ethiopia and flow towards the Indian Ocean (Source: 
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