Saturday, May 25, 2013

Genocide in Somalia

Pesident Siad Barre who was a long time Somalian chief, he was pressured to leave his position in the year 1991. This was the main reason for the starting of Somalia genocide. The party people of Siad Barre took some steps out of tempers that lead into mass killing of the followers of the opposition party. Consequently, the other groups and the common mass revolted and thus the riot turned into the genocide in Somalia. This had resulted in short-term destruction in the political and social conditions of the country for some time. 

In the history of Somalia, this type of mass killing had never taken place. It was a total devastation from the point-of-view of the political framework of the country. Because of Genocide, the U.S.C. rounded up and killed thousands of civilians, most of whom were professionals like doctors, Engineers, teachers, etc. The U.S.C. is also holding thousands more ordinary people as hostages and also U.S.C. Guerilla Forces came into Galgayo and killed hundreds of seniors, women and children. They are also doing Mass looting of the houses of the fleeing refugees. 

As a result of these, about 700,000 to 1,000,000 citizens have fled from Mogadishu and its around areas for save their life. The greater part of these refugees is now in Kismayo, near the boundary of Kenya. The refugees are at the moment without the basic needs of food and shelter and medicine. Some of them have already become very anxious and they are risking their lives and are crossing the ocean on risky. About 100 of these refugees have died in the sea when their boat sank near Mombassa this is According to a CNN report. The Somalia genocide also influenced the other countries of Africa. The Somalia government and the NGO's attempted a lot in order to bring the circumstance under control. The current circumstance of Somalia is relatively better than the previous time.
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