Saturday, May 25, 2013

Female Life in Somalian

The women of Somalia have seen drastic changes in their lives, both good and bad. On one hand, these women have seen themselves gaining some respectable position in the society. On the other hand, genital mutilation is snatching away their womanhood. The women of Somalia are tall and wiry. They have eagle like feature and long hands. The skin tone varies from brown to black. Somali women are considered as one of the most beautiful women.

Social customs prohibited the women to dine with men. They had to serve the men first and then eat their meal. Also these women had to submit to the men. They had to execute their duties as a wife, daughter and mother first. Only then could they do something for themselves. Socializing with men in public places was also considered as a sin. Women were not sent to schools to obtain formal education. But under the regime of SiadBarre this trend saw a change. Massive steps were taken to promote women literacy.

The role of women was based on her clan. For the nomadic clan women, cooking and taking care of the children was their primary duty. Those from the farming clan did harvesting of crops. Urban women usually tend to be entrepreneurs or working women.

The role of Non-Governmental organizations played a major role in the upliftment of women. In 1994, Somali Women’s Trust was established by Somali women who studied in foreign. This trust helped in setting up of girl’s schools and health care clinics for women. Candlelight is another NGO doing the same kind of job. The federal government ensured that women had a right to vote and hence it increased their interest in politics. 
The attire that women in Somalia wear makes them look very elegant. Women are usually seen in guntiino, which first draped around the waist and then tied to the shoulders. For festivals and marriages, diracforms the attire of these women. It is a colorful dress and makes women look more elegant. The dirac is worn over a brasseire and a half slip. Gorogoradis the underskirt of the dirac.

Female life, despite all these attempts still is in a poor state. Female genital mutilation is still prevailing in the region making Somalia the fifth worst place for women in the world. The poor health care system makes it tough for the pregnant women to undergo a successful delivery. To avoid this, the mutilation is done for the girls in ages 4-11.

The recent opening of women’s centre in Mogadishu has given a new ray of hope in the region. All efforts are being taken to improve the life to women in Somalia.
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