Saturday, May 25, 2013

Female Education in Somalia

Somalia is located to the East of Africa and is categorized as one of the Eastern Africa countries. The country has been hit by crisis since 1991 and this has affected the levels of education in that country. All is not lost now since the country is back to normal through continuous negotiations with countries like Kenya which is their ally in helping to bring back stability. 
Due to that instability only 20% of the whole population has access to the education systems to enable them compete well in the growing economy hence literate. The other remaining percentage is still in the dark about what pertains to being educated. However, they get the basic education in the mosques because Somali is an Islamist country.

UNICEF is doing a commendable job in that country to promote the levels of education especially the girls’ education. This is achieved through the collaboration with the Ministry of Education (MoE) to enhance gender equity in the education sector. This includes improving the levels of teaching materials and personnel and working towards of the teachers, that is, in terms of good payments to encourage them get motivated to work hard.

This has improved the girl child in that more girls are entering the secondary school, less school dropping out; attaining good grades and when they finally become women they enter into the teaching careers. This is giving competition to their male ones in that now they can participate in the same activities and get the same opportunities in the stable country for now.

Unfortunately, the ratio of boys to girl’s enrolment is still not proportion since more boys are joining schools unlike the girls. Through improving education in Somalia, other sectors like health care are going to improve tremendously as time goes by.
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